Premier League Review: Arnautovic Basks In Hate-Fueled Glory

The act of celebrating a goal is a rich and varied art. Do you play it cool or erupt in emotion? If you have a pregnancy to announce do you go the thumb-in-mouth route or for the the ball-stuffed-under-your-shirt? Which font on your tailor-made undershirt will be easiest for the cameras to pick up? For the superstars, meanwhile, the celebration has become just another extension of the personal brand, every goal stamped with an unmistakable visual jingle to remind you once more who this particular goal was brought to you by. However, for all this complication, the importance of how you mark finding the back of the net is never more delicate than when you do so against one of your former sides. Continue reading “Premier League Review: Arnautovic Basks In Hate-Fueled Glory”